Know Me

I am the newest deviant of your dreams, a fresh FemDom based in Austin, TX. I’ve got an appetite that I dare you to try and satisfy– a taste for tease with a willing and eager submissive. My energies vary widely, from feeling sensual and erotic to fierce and sadistic. I will bring your most lewd fantasies to life. I will allow you to indulge in your deepest desires…introducing you to the truest version of yourself. I am the magical blend of quirky, creative kink and wicked imagination that you’ve always needed.

Upon meeting Me you will be struck by My beauty and intense but playful energy. I’ve got an athletic hourglass figure, a coy smile and hazel eyes that can read you and have you on your knees in a glance. I’ve been a dancer My entire life and take great care of My body and mind through a healthy diet, exercise and different creative outlets. Outside of Professional Domination I am an interdisciplinary artist and spend My time collaborating with friends and creatives through music, photography and movement. Recently I’ve been into sculpture…loving the way My hands can bound, stretch, pierce, pinch, mold, deform, claw and crush raw clay. Perhaps if your application goes well, you can become the next substance for My artistic exploration.

We are going to dance and have some fun….

satisfaction when we’re done, anticipation of what’s to come.